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Fountain Art Fair 2014

Inyoung Seoung & Collective

Participating in the Fountain Art Fair for the third consecutive year, Inyoung Seoung returns this time as Inyoung Seoung & Collective, collaborating with artist Minny Lee. These two artists share a common usage of trees in their works. While Seoung connects trees with one’s unconscious desire utilizing her signature pen drawings on canvas, Lee correlates trees to her inner state and memories utilizing photography. Both artists spent childhoods in the countryside, which enhanced their observations of trees and correlate their acknowledgment of each tree’s individual uniqueness and essence in their respective works. Both artists invite viewers to experience nature in a more intimate and personal way, at a time when society relies more and more on technology and urban sprawl threatens nature's very existence.


Inyoung Seoung

Minny Lee

Earlier Event: May 24
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